National Authorized Body No. AO 210, Certification Body No. 3051, Testing Laboratory No. 1019, Notified Body No. NB 1026

Protective systems

List of basic design standards

Certification of autonomous protective systems for:

  • relieve of dust and gas explosion pressure such as the rupture diaphragm, relieve valve, relieve panel, venting devices etc.
  • suppression of dust explosion such as fast extinguishing systems for a explosion suppression at the incipient phase
  • decoupling of gas explosion such as flame arresters (end of line, in-line, deflagration, detonation) as well as for the dust explosion decoupling such as rotary valves, tripping valves, extinguish pipe barriers etc.
  • explosion pressure resistant and explosion pressure shock resistant equipment

The certification is carried out according to the harmonised EN Standards and prEN Standards. Up to the time of prEN addoption as the harmonised Standard we offer the certification according to relevant accepted national Standards.

Certification of non-electrical devices containing non autonomuos protective system as an integrated part of equipment such as silos, mill grinders, filtration units etc.

The certification of non-autonomous protective system is done as a part of non-electrical equipment certification.

List of basic design standards