AO/OS č. 210 , Certifikační orgán č. 3051, Zkušební laboratoř č. 1019, Notifikovaný orgán č. 1026

Electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres

List of basic design standards

  • power equipment (e.g. electromotors, luminary, switchboards, contactor boxes, electromagnets, etc. )
  • control and instrumentation equipment (e.g. measurement and control apparatus, sensor/transducer, communication equipment, electronic apparatus, etc.)

with Type of Protection:

  • “Flameproof enclosure” Ex d
  • “Increased Safety” Ex e
  • “Encapsulation” Ex m
  • “Pressurised enclosure” Ex p
  • “Powder Filling Enclosure” Ex q
  • “Oil Filling Enclosure” Ex o
  • “Intrinsic Safety” Ex i
  • “ n- protection” Ex n
  • optical radiated equipment „Ex op is“
  • Caplights used in mines susceptible to firedamp

for a Group I (mines) of Category M1, M2 and Group II (other than mines) of Category 1, 2 and 3, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres with explosive gases (G) as well as combustible dusts (D).

The certification is carried out both according to EN harmonized Standards and IEC Standards or prEN Standards.
We also perform the Certification of:

  • Explosion Safety Related Equipment
  • Intrinsic Safety Systems of Group I and Group II
  • Electrical accessories of Machines intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Dispensers for a liquid and compressed gaseous Fuel
  • Spray-guns for a painting of flammable coating materials

List of basic design standards