AO/OS č. 210 , Certifikační orgán č. 3051, Zkušební laboratoř č. 1019, Notifikovaný orgán č. 1026


Services provided by Accredited Inspection Body 

  • independent inspection of electrical and non electrical installations as well as protective systems into the potentially explosive atmospheres according to NV č. 406/2004 Sb. (ATEX 137)
  • independent assessment of companies qualification which are engaged in the repairing of explosion-proof equipment
  • assessment of EMC influences on the machinery

Special services provided by FTZÚ

  • classification of hazardous areas and assessment of external influence of environment
  • consultancy concerning the complexity of explosion protection provisions
  • training of staff being engaged in design , installation and operation of equipment in the potentially explosive atmospheres
  • consultancy regarding the management of conformity assessment according to the NV č. 116/2016 Coll. (ATEX 95)
  • consultancy regarding the legal requirements application according to NV 406/2004 Coll. (ATEX 137)
  • consultancy concerning the application of Standards and Rules for a design and  installation of equipment and protective systems intended for use in the explosive atmospheres
  • elaboration of Czech technical Standards and Rules concerning the explosion hazardous areas and representation of Czech Rep. in international standardization schemes (CSN, CEN, CENELEC, IEC)