AO/OS č. 210 , Certifikační orgán č. 3051, Zkušební laboratoř č. 1019, Notifikovaný orgán č. 1026


Test laboratories are able to perform all tests, necessary for purpose of certification according to the Standards, harmonized to the 94/9/EC Directive. The subcontracting is used in the exceptional circumstances and case by case only, and with the keeping of ISO IEC EN 17025 principles.

There are above all:

  • Tests of electrical and non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres
  • Tests of protective systems for a suppression, decoupling and relieve of explosion
  • Thermal tests of equipment by the contact method and non-contact IR method under the required operation conditions
  • The measurement explosion pressures of gas and dust mixture inside of equipment and during the test of protective systems or under increased initial pressure respectively
  • Electric tests and measurement of voltage, currents, electric power, leakage currents, electric resistance, dielectric strength
  • Performance tests of gas detectors and analyzers
  • Tests of surface and internal resistance and charging tests of plastic materials
  • Measurement of very high and very low electric resistance
  • Burning tests
  • Test under the abnormal climatic conditions (temperature and humidity), environmental tests
  • Measurement of mechanical dimensions of flameproof gaps
  • Electromagnetic emissivity tests
  • Electromagnetic immunity tests

Special tests:

  • Bonfire test of gas cylinders
  • Bonfire test of automotive LPG and CNG containers
  • Test of valves for explosion relief in the engine crank case
  • Records of fast moving events by high speed camera
  • Estimation of dust concentration in the ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Other Tests on customer’s request, based on the laboratories abilities.