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We are specialized on certification of equipment intended to be used in explosive atmospheres

We are the only one organization notified for a testing and certification of equipments and protective systems intended for use in explosive atmospheres in the Czech Republic according to 2014/34/EU Directive (ATEX) and under IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme.

Certifikace zařízení do prostředí s nebezpečím výbuchu
 Zkoušení a certifikaci zařízení a ochranných systémů

Why choose us

  • We are neither directly nor indirectly connected with companies, being engaged in production, design, operation, maintaining or selling of devices and protective systems used in explosive atmospheres.

  • We are not interested in the commercial interests of manufacturers as well as users. Therefore, our services can be provided impartially and independently.

  • Due to good professional skills of our staff as well as due to our quality technical facilities, we are able to provide our services mainly ourselves without the subcontracting. The subcontracting is used only exceptionally.

  • Our priority is not to generate the profit, but provide credible services.

History of Company

History of Company

We have accreditation
and authorization

Accredited by Czech Accreditation Institute CAI member of ILAC, IAF, EA.

Testing laboratory is accredited according to ISO EN 17025 within the range of:
  • Equipment and protective systems used in explosive atmospheres

  • Gas detectors and analyzers as the safety-related devices

  • Electrostatic properties of materials

  •  Electromagnetic compatibility

  • Electrical devices

Certification body is accredited according to ISO EN 17065 within the range of:
  • Electrical and non- electrical equipment and protective systems used in explosive atmospheres

  • Low voltage switchboards and household pumps

  • Electrostatic Spray devices

  • Electrical machine furniture

  • Gas detectors and control units

Institute authorized by Czech mining office board for an assessment of mining devices into mines endangered by firedamp and combustible dust.

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Dipl. Ing. Martin Zámrský

General Manager

Dipl. Ing. Lukáš Martinák

Head of Certification Body

Dipl. Ing. Tomáš Štula,Ph.D.

Head of Testing Laboratory


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