Testing laboratories

We perform all tests required for the purposes of certification according to standards harmonized with Directive 2014/34 / EU.

List of design standards Non-electrical equipment such as conveyors, fans, compressors, fuel dispensers, forklifts, mining machines, mining locomotives, etc.

Our laboratories to offer these tests:

  • Tests of electrical and non-electrical equipment for explosive atmospheres

  • Tests of protective systems for a suppression, decoupling and relieve of explosion

  • Thermal tests of equipment by the contact method and non-contact IR method under the required operation conditions

  • The measurement explosion pressures of gas and dust mixture inside of equipment and during the test of protective systems or under increased initial pressure respectively

  • Electric tests and measurement of voltage, currents, electric power, leakage currents, electric resistance, dielectric strength

  • Performance tests of gas detectors and control units

  • Tests of surface and internal resistance and charging tests of plastic materials

  • Measurement of very high and very low electric resistance

  • Burning tests

  • Test under the abnormal climatic conditions (temperature and humidity), environmental tests

  • Measurement of mechanical dimensions of flameproof gaps

  • Electromagnetic emissivity tests

  • Electromagnetic immunity tests

We also offer special tests:

  • Bonfire test of gas cylinders

  • Bonfire test of automotive LPG and CNG containers

  • Bonfire test of valves according to ISO and API standards

  • Records of fast moving events by high speed camera

  • Estimation of dust concentration in the ventilation and exhaust systems

  • Other Tests on customer’s request, based on the laboratories abilities.

Our laboratories

Why test at FTZU?

  • Certainty of independent verification – increased truthfulness for business partner

  • Application of the most modern test equipment

  • Professional skilled staff

  • Internationally accepted test results

What do you obtain?

  • Test of product

  • Information about test result

  • Product certification

  • European or internationally accepted certificate

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Dipl. Ing. Tomáš Štula, Ph. D.

Head of Testing Laboratory

Dipl. Ing. Petr Zapletal

Deputy of Head of Testing Laboratory


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