Certification for gas detectors and oxygen meters, electromagnetic compatibility and static electricity products

  1. Gas detectors and control units

  • In term of self safety aspects for use in explosive atmosphere. The certification is carried out in the full scope of electrical equipment certification used in explosive atmospheres.
  • In term of performance properties and reliability as the safety related devices contributing to the explosion protection.

The certification is carried out for combustible gases from CH4 to C5H12 intended for the mines susceptible to firedamp as well as for the flammable gas detection in the chemical industry including the testing EMC and the software assessment.The Certification is performed according to harmonised EN standards and IEC standards.Besides above mentioned certification we also carry out the voluntary certification of detectors for the oxygen O2 and toxic gases H2S, CO, CO2.  The certification is performed according to EN Standards or IEC Standards.

  1. Electromagnetic compatibility

The certification is carried out in the scope, agreed between the customer and FTZÚ.

  • electromagnetic radiation of electric and electronic equipments
  • electromagnetic immunity of electronic equipments against external interferences

Certification is carried out according to the IEC and EN standards harmonised under EMC Directive.

  1. Protection against static electricity

  • in term of explosion hazard of electrostatic discharge as the source of ignition in potentially explosive atmospheres formed by gas, vapour or dust with air and explosives. They are products such as electrosatic spray guns, clothing, personal protective equipment, shoes, V-belts, nonmetalic pipes, storage containers, as well as the plastic materials used in potentially explosive atmospheres such as filtration material, plastic parts of machine, floor cloth etc.
  • in term of electrostatic discharge protection of work places where sensitive electronic components are handled and in term of undesirable effects of electrostatic discharges on the human body.

The certification is carried out according to the EN, IEC and ISO Standards.

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